My name is Kalsoom Butt, I am a native English speaker living in the UK and I have been teaching English for over 12 years.

I started teaching ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) where I taught people from all ages, different backgrounds, cultures, religions and nationalities ( I once taught a conversational English class that had students from 22 different nationalities, all in the same room at the same time!!)

It was an amazing experience to watch your students start with little or no English and at the end be able to communicate with other people on their own. Some students went on to get jobs and some went to college to study a qualification.

This was also the case when I started teaching IELTS and OET. Helping students get to the university they wanted to study in or get the dream job they wanted.

It was life changing for them and for their families… a new life, new opportunities and possibilities!…. and the one thing that was stopping them from all of that was passing their IELTS or OET.

I became committed to helping people like you achieving your goals by making your preparation for IELTS or OET as easy and as straight forward as possible.

By learning online with me, you have the flexibility of learning at a time and place that suits you without missing out on all the support that I have to offer you. Find out how I can help you prepare and get the score you need by clicking on the relevant link below.

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