Our courses are aimed to help you think like the examiner and giving them exactly what they want.

You will be taught key no nonesense strategies for writing, speaking, reading and listening. In the process you will improve your fluency and vocabulary.

Our step by step, one to one lessons will teach you everything you need to know to get you the band you require. You don’t need to waste your time or your money on any other course – this is the only one you need to do to achieve the success you need. One to one means that the course is tailor made to your requirements and the areas you are weak on.


Writing can be the toughest exam for many students. However, we have designed our course so that it breaksdown each key aspect of the writing questions. Our course gives you simple and practical steps to follow using authentic IELTS exam questions. More importantly we train you to get into the minds of the examiner and learn what they are looking for from your answers.

Our course covers:

IELTS Writing Task 1 – General Writing skills

This module is all about improving your overall writing skills for Task 1. It includes:

  • How to write an overview paragraph
  • How to paraphrase
  • How to write complex sentences
  • Task 1 charts
  • Task 1 tips and common mistakes
  • Paragraph editing.

Task 1 -Academic

  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Multiple charts and graphs
  • Process
  • Sample questions and answers
  • Grammar and vocaulary
  • Common mistakes

Task 1 – General

  • Formal letter
  • Informal letter
  • Strategies

Task 2 – Writing skills

  • How to plan an essay
  • Thinking of relvant ideas
  • Writing complex sentences
  • How to paraphrase
  • Writing supporting paragraphs
  • Thesis statements
  • How much to write
  • How to analyse any question
  • Writing introductions
  • The marking criteria for Task 2
  • Writing conclusions
  • Paragraph editing
  • Coherance and cohesion

Task 2

  • Question analysis
  • Planning
  • Writing introductions
  • Writing main body paragraphs
  • Writing conclusions
  • Cohesive devices (linking words)
  • Using examples in your writing

Task 2 – Structures

Learn the differemt structures depending on the type of question type.

Task 2 – Popular topics

  • Agree or disagree( opinion essays)
  • Discussion essays
  • Problem and solution essays
  • Advantages and disadvantages essays
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Sample answers

You will also be given authentic exam style questions to submit for marking and given full feedback.

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